June 01, 2010

Maiden Princess

Maiden Princess

This tut was written by me, Em Jay, on 5-25-10 with all rights reserved.  Please do not copy and paste it in any group or call it your own. You can link to it using a text link to my blog.

This tut is written using a kit included in the Midsummer’s Dreams Collab created by Debs Designs   The Collab Kit can be yours free for a limited time with a minimum purchase at Heartbeatz Store.   

The tutorial was written using PSPX, but is adaptable to any version and is for people with a good working knowledge of PSP.  There are no outside supplies needed.

Open a new image 550 by 550, fill with white. Open DD_Paper03, resize to 35%, c/p as new layer.  Open DD-Paper04, resize to 35%, c/p as new layer.  Using your deform tool, move the bottom of the pink paper up so that it covers only the top half of the bottom paper, merge down.  Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur 38.00. Using the deform tool resize using the bottom corner node so that it’s resized symmetrically about 15 pix.  Click on the dropdown list for the default PSP scripts and scroll to CenterLayer.  Run the script.  Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic-Antique with these settings – Grid settings 25, symmetric is checked, Mosaic setting 0, 2, 8.
Using the deform tool once again resize about 15 pix, repeat the CenterLayer script. You should now have a pretty mystical sky background for your tag.

Open DD_pond, resize to 80%, c/p as a new layer. Take the deform tool and while holding the control key, move the lower right node to the right. Let go of the control key and click on the top middle node and bring it down.  This will give the pond some perspective making it look like it’s lying flat.  Repeat both steps until you have the pond looking how you like it. Add a drop shadow.

Open DD_wishingwell, resize to 60%, c/p as a new layer and drag the layer below the pond.  Position it somewhere on the right side of the tag. C/P DD_grass as a new layer and drag below the pond. Move it to the left side of the pond. Add a drop shadow to both of the layers.

Open DD_rose03, resize to 40%.  Using the freehand selection tool draw around the bottom stems of the roses, click delete, select none.  C/P the roses as a new layer on the right side of the pond. I duplicated this layer 6 times and arranged the roses here and there on the right side of the pond and on the right side of the wishing well.  Once you have them where you want them, highlight the top rose layer and merge down six times.  Add a nice drop shadow.

Open DD_frog, resize to 15%, c/p as a new layer somewhere on the edge of the pond. Add a drop shadow.

Now we can add our focus tube.  I used a beautiful image ©Nene Thomas www.nenethomas.com. Feel free to use a tube of your own choosing. C/P the focus tube somewhere on the left of the tag.  When you have it positioned where you like it, add a drop shadow.

It’s time to add your text.  I used a foreground/background gradient using a darker green and a yellow color picked from the tag. The font I used is called Celebrity.
Add your watermark and copyright information and you’re done!

Thanks for trying this tut. I hope you enjoyed it!

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