March 15, 2010



This tut was written by me, Em Jay, on 2-24-10 with all rights reserved.  Please do not copy and paste it in any group or call it your own. You can link to it using a text link to my blog.

This tut is written using a beautiful PTU kit created by Baby Cakes Scraps called Love Song which can be purchased at Scrappetizing.   It was written using PSPX, but is adaptable to any version and is for people with a good working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies: Here
Animation Shop (optional)

I used a tube by the awesome artist, Ken Martin, Any musical themed tube that you choose to use would work just fine. J

Open a new image 425 by 525, fill with white, select all, add new raster layer, c/p bcs_paper_eleven into selection, adjust/sharpness/unsharp mask radius6, strength 60, clipping 0. Add your favorite mask with edges.  The one I used is included in the supplies.

As you open each element in psp, remember to shiftD and close the originals. Copy and paste all elements on their own layer. All of our resizing and positioning will be done with the deform tool for this tut.

C/P bcs_notes_scatter, blend mode luminance(L), opacity 55. C/P bcs_sparkles, position, duplicate and position second layer over a different area, merge down.

C/P the tube your chose to use and position it where you want it. Change blend mode to luminance(L). Add a nice drop shadow. I didn’t have to lower the opacity because the tube I used was only two-tone, but if the one you chose has a lot of color, you can adjust the opacity a bit to help it blend in.

C/P bcs_glitter_notes, image/free rotate left 45.00 drop shadow. Please feel free to choose the types of flowers you would like to use. I copied and pasted a flower over the left top corner, added a bow and then added another flower only smaller on top of the bow. Add a drop shadow to each layer, the merge these three layers. I copied and pasted three different flowers on the bottom right side of the image, drop shadow each layer and then merged those flowers to one layer.

C/P bcs_note, adjust/sharpen. Drag down below the top left flower.  Duplicate the note twice and position each layer how you want them.  Merge these three layers to one, add drop shadow.

The beautiful flowers in this kit looked like they were made with fabric.  So, I thought it would look nice to add the buttons included in the kit to the centers of the flowers. Just remember to add a nice drop shadow to each button layer.

Add your text, watermark and copyright information. Now is the time to transport as a jpeg if you do not wish to animate the tag. And you’re done!

Animation Shop

If you are familiar with working with AS, what I’ve done here is a very easy add of the floatie included in the supplies.

You don’t even have to merge your tag, just edit/copy merged and paste into AS as a new animation. Open the floatie that was supplied in AS and edit/select all, Animation/resize animation.  I reduced the actual size to 40 pix by 40 fix. Keep all of the frames selected. Highlight your image, edit/duplicate selected until you have 8 frames since that is the number of frames the floatie has. Still on the image, edit/select all.  Now your image should have all frames selected also.  Just drag the first frame of the floatie to the first frame of the image over the button on the top left flower, let the mouse button go.  Click on view animation at the top to see if you like how it looks. Now if you find you don’t like the positioning of the floatie, you can undo drag on both the image and the floatie and try again.

Once you have the animation how you like it for the first button, highlight the floatie, which should now have empty frames, click on edit/undo drag.  Then drag the first frame of the floatie again to the first frame of the image only this time onto the button of the next biggest flower. For my last two flowers, I resized the floatie again to 30 pix by 30 pix because the buttons were smaller.  And I repeated the drag and drop of the floatie two more times so that the last two flower buttons are covered.

Click on file/save as, name your animation and you’re done! See, very easy animation and really makes the tag look pretty. J

Hope you enjoyed this tut!

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