May 06, 2010



This tut was written by me, Em Jay, on 5-5-10 with all rights reserved.  Please do not copy and paste it in any group, on any website, or call it your own. You can link to it using a text link to my blog.

This tut is written using a PTU kit created by Rieka_Rafita called RR_HappyMother’sDay_TaggerSize which can be purchased here at Wilma4Ever Store.   It was written using PSPX, but is adaptable to any version and is for people with a good working knowledge of PSP.

I used the beautiful artwork ©hellonlegs exclusive Please do not use her work unless you have permission to do so.

This tag illustrates the versatility of the kit despite its name. It can be used any time of the year.  Instead of a Mother’s Day tag, I chose to make a signature tag for the designer.

Let’s get started!  Open a new image 550 by 550, fill with white. Open Button3, resize to 60%, c/p as new layer. Go to Effects/texture effects/Mosaic-Antique and use these settings Grid Settings 60, 60, symmetric is checked; Mosaic settings 60, 4, 60; click ok. Duplicate this layer two times and position and resize the layers a bit with the deform tool to make a nice mosaic flower cluster that will serve as the background for the tag.  Once you like how you have it, highlight the top duplicated layer and merge down twice.

Open Frame2, resize to 60%, c/p as new layer.  Move the frame a bit up and to the left.  I then recolored the frame slightly using Adjust/Hue and Saturation/Hue, Saturation, Lightness with these settings,
Hue -15, Saturation 20, Lightness 0; click ok. Add a nice drop shadow.  Now you can add the focus tube of your choice and position it in the frame the way you like it.

Open Lock2, resize to 30%, c/p as new layer, rotate slightly to the left with the deform tool, position up on the top right of the frame, drag the layer below the frame. Open Pearls3, resize to 50%, c/p as a new layer, using the deform tool rotate slightly to the left and resize as needed to stretch across the bottom of the frame.  Open HighHeels3, resize to 20%, c/p as a new layer, duplicate. Highlight the original shoe layer, Image/Free rotate, direction right,  degrees free 110, rotate single layer around canvas center is checked, click ok. Add a drop shadow.  Highlight the top shoe layer, add a drop shadow, merge down. Position the shoes somewhere on the lower right of the tag. Open Perfumes2, resize to 12%, c/p as a new layer and move it somewhere on the bottom of the tag, add drop shadow. Open Key2, resize to 25%, c/p as new layer, rotate to the right and position somewhere on the bottom of the frame.  Open Butterfly4, resize to 12%, c/p as new layer and move it somewhere on the side flower border of the frame, duplicate, mirror and position on the right side of the tag where you like it.

Time to add the text.  Select a darker color from the image for the foreground and a light color from the image for the background. Change the fill properties of the background to gradient and select the foreground/background gradient on the top of the dropdown list. Anti-alias smooth, stroke width 2, create as vector. Choose your font.  I used a ptu font called AL Softhearted, size 100.  Type your text, position it where you want it, convert to raster. Select all, float, defloat, Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel with these settings: Bevel 2, Width 6, Image – 0, 3, 0, 20, Light – Color white, 315, 40, 50. Click ok. Add a drop shadow.

Add your watermark, copyright information and export as a jpeg.  You’re done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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