January 19, 2010

My Gothy Valentine

My Gothy Valentine

This tut was written by me, Em Jay, on 1-19-10 with all rights reserved.  Please do not copy and paste it in any group or call it your own. You can link to it using a link to my blog.

This tut is written using a PTU kit created by Digicats (and Dogs) called My Gothy Valentine which you can find here.   It was written using PSP9, but is adaptable to any version and is for people with a good working knowledge of PSP.

Open a new image 550 by 550 and flood fill with white. Select all, add new raster layer, copy/paste DCD_paper06 into selection, select none. Open DCD_Gothic Frame_04, resize by 65%, sharpen once.  Copy/paste onto your image as new layer. Use your magic wand and click outside of the frame, modify/expand/3, highlight middle paper layer, hit delete. Highlight frame, drop shadow, merge down. Use the deform tool to push the left and right sides in until it looks more like an ellipse.

Add one of the posers. I used sweetheartblackheart6, resize, copy/paste onto your image, positioning it how you want it, drop shadow.

Open DCD_GothCandle6, resize 55%, sharpen. Copy/paste onto image, duplicate, position, drag this layer under the first candle layer. Highlight first candle layer, merge down. Add a drop shadow. Add DCD_key on top of the base of the front candle, drop shadow. Copy/paste DCD-DreadyBear04 on top of the back candle. Close all layers except two candles, bear and key; merge visible.

Copy/paste DCD_bow01 on top of frame, drop shadow. Copy/Paste DCD_Dagger over middle of bow, drop shadow, merge down.

Copy/paste mixed colors of the candy hearts here and there and also the chocolate kisses. Drop shadow each one.

Add your text and all copyright information, merge flat, export as a jpeg.  You’re done!

Thank you for trying this tut.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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