January 17, 2010

Snow In Love

 Snow in Love

This tut was written by me, Em Jay, with all rights reserved.  Please do not copy and paste it in any group or call it your own. You can link to it using a link to my blog.

This tut is written using a beautiful ptu kit created by Crazed’s Creations called Snow in Love which you can find here

It was written using PSP9, but is surely adaptable to any version and is for people with a good working knowledge of PSP. Animating is your option and is not included in this tutorial.

Open a new transparent image 600 by 600.  Flood fill with white. Selection/select all. Add a new raster layer. Open paper 19_SILT. Copy and paste into selection, select none.

Highlight the top layer and add the mask WSL_MASK140 which can be found here. Merge group.  Use your preset shape tool and set it to rectangle, foreground color null and background color white.  Draw a rectangle inside the middle panel of the mask making sure you leave a nice border of the paper. Object/align/center in canvas. Convert to raster. Duplicate this layer twice. Move one over to the center of the first panel and the other over to the center of the last panel. Close your bottom two layers and merge visible.

You can open your middle layer again.  Highlight the top layer and select all/float/defloat.  Highlight your middle layer and delete, select none.  Now delete your top layer.  Add a drop shadow using these settings, vertical/horizontal 2, opacity 100, blur 3, color #9d3351. Add this color to your swatches.  We will be using it for drop shadows throughout the tut.

Highlight your top layer.  Set your selection tool to rectangle and make a selection from the top left corner of the mask all the way down to the bottom right corner, selection/modify/contract 8. Add new raster layer, copy and paste paper 13_SILT into selection.  Drag the layer below the mask. Deselect.  Now add icicles2_SILT, which should also be under the mask layer.  Add a drop shadow using the settings above.

Select a poser from the kit to be your focus tube and copy and paste it on top of the mask layer, positioning and resizing it with your deform tool. If there are areas of the gown on the bottom of the tube over the mask, simply take your eraser tool and erase it so that it looks like the top part of her body and wings are outside of the mask and the lower part has her feet inside.  Add a drop shadow, again using the settings above.

Let’s decorate! Open bow2-SILT, copy/paste as new layer, resize and position with the deform tool. Open frame1_SILT and resize by 28%. Highlight top layer and copy and paste this heart as a new layer, position it with the deform tool, rotating or resizing as you see fit. Duplicate, mirror, move the top heart over next to the first one, erase a small part to make them look entwined, merge down, drop shadow. Move it over the center of the bow, erase the hearts here and there so that the ribbons look like they weave through the hearts. Highlight your bow layer, drop shadow. Use branch2_SILT, copy and paste as new layer, duplicate. Move one below the hearts layer and the other below the ribon layer, again resizing and rotating them.  This cluster should be layers 2 through 5.  Close all other layers, merge visible.

Pick 2 snowflakes. I used snowflake2_SILT and snowflake6_SILT. Resize both by 40%, sharpen once. Copy/paste both of them as new layer, duplicate each one twice. Arrange them on your tag, resizing and rotating, on top of the frame, below it, on top of the poser, behind it, you get the idea.

Add your text and all copyright information. Merge flat. And you are done. Export as a jpeg.

Thanks for trying this tut.  I hope you enjoyed doing it.


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