April 22, 2010

Lucky Bug

Lucky Bug

This tut was written by me, Em Jay, on 4-22-10 with all rights reserved.  Please do not copy and paste it in any group or call it your own. You can link to it using a text link to my blog.

This tut is written using a beautiful PTU kit created by DNScraps called Ladybug in the Garden which can be purchased at Scrappetizing.   It was written using PSPX, but is adaptable to any version and is for people with a good working knowledge of PSP.

No outside supplies needed.
Filters used: Mura’s Meister Copies

Open a new image 525 by 625, fill with white. C/P framepattern2 as a new layer. Take the magic wand and click inside the frame, selection/modify/expand 4. Add new raster layer, c/p paper17 into selection. Drag the paper layer under the frame layer. Highlight frame layer, merge down, add drop shadow.

Open brad2 and resize to 15%, c/p as new layer.  Effects/Plugins/Mura’s Meister/Copies and change the drop down on the left of the filter to Encircle, all other dropdowns and sliders remain at default, click ok. Using the deform tool, resize the circle of buttons down to about 25% of the original size. Open brad4, resize to 8%, c/p as new layer. Use Mura’s Meister/Copies again with the same settings as stated above.  Resize with the deform too to about 25% of its original size. Drag both button layers under the frame and duplicate and arrange them as shown in the sample image above. Once you have them positioned how you want them, close the frame layer and bottom white layer, merge visible, add drop shadow.

Open a cottage of your choice, resize to 50%, c/p as new layer somewhere on the bottom right overlapping the frame. Open flowerelegant3, resize to 50%, c/p on the top right of the image, duplicate and move up and to the left slightly. Highlight the top flower layer, merge down.  Drag below the cottage, position how you like it. Open another flowerelegant3, resize to 20%, c/p as a new layer above the cottage.  Duplicate and position these flowers on the left side of the base of the cottage.  Duplicate one of these smaller flower layers again and move it to the bottom right of the cottage, drag the layer below the cottage.  Open ladybugclipart2, resize to 30%, move to the bottom right of the cottage. Open dragonflyribbon2, resize to 20%, c/p as a new layer, position it where you want it.  Duplicate and position the second dragonfly. Feel free to duplicate more if you would like. Add a drop shadow to all the layers of the flowers, cottage and bugs.

Open one of the beautiful cookies supplied with the kit. These cookies are © Medi http://medievilcreations.blogspot.com/ Resize to 30%, c/p as a new layer and position it on the upper left of the image, add a drop shadow.

Close the white bottom layer, merge visible. Open the bottom layer again, crop all excess white background. Before I added my text, I resized the whole image to 91% since I like to make my tags no larger than 500 pixels on the longest size.  That is just personal preference though, don’t feel you have to resize if you don’t want to.

Now you can add your text, watermark and copyright info.  You are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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